As Platinum BioGuard dealers, Suntime Pools offers the finest in water chemistry and expertise. Whether you are shopping for BioGuard’s Mineral Springs and Salt Scapes supplies for your salt water pool, BioGuard’s Silk Tabs or Silk Sticks for your SilkGuard chlorine pool, non-chlorine Soft Swim or an alternative to traditional pool care, like E-Z Pool, we have you covered! We also supply BioGuard’s spa chemicals for chlorine and bromine hot tubs.

Easy and Luxurious

BioGuard products are recognized as the best pool and spa chemicals on the market. Unlike traditional pool chemicals, BioGuard’s products make taking care of your pool easy, reliable and provides you with clean and luxurious water.

The most popular method for Suntime customers is the SilkGuard program. The BioGuard SilkGuard advantage makes water soft and smooth, prevents scaling, corrosion, metal staining and protects your pool equipment for a longer life while also killing bacteria and preventing algae growth. Our blue Silk tablets and sticks dissolve slower and work harder than your average chlorine tablets. Combined with a weekly dose of BioGuard’s Smart Shock, which allows you to treat and swim within 15 minutes of use, and Algae All 60, to inhibit algae growth, you have an easy 1, 2, 3 recipe for swimming pool success!

Suntime Pools also offers BioGuard’s Mineral Springs products to help you achieve a perfect salt water pool. The Bioguard Beginnings, a blend of minerals added to your pool at start up, is your alternative to traditional salt. Not all salt is created equal and Beginnings proves that by making your water silky and prevents dry skin, irritated eyes and scaling that your average pool salt can cause! Each week add our BioGuard Renewals to replenish your minerals and for easy and cost effective maintenance.

chemicals2Find Your Balance

Control scaling, prevent metal stains and ensure a longer life for your pool equipment at Suntime Pools with BioGuard’s Balancers.

We carry all of the essential balancing chemicals to maintain your total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, borates and cyanuric acid for stabilizing your chlorine. Make your pool more comfortable to swim in, protect your liner, prevent corrosion and chlorine loss with Balance Pak 100, Balance Pak 200, Balance Pak 300, Optimizer Plus and Stabilizer 100.

Solve Problems, Fast!

For major problems and annual maintenance, turn to Suntime Pools for guidance. We stock the necessary BioGuard products you need to fight back against metal staining, algae, scaling and foam. We have the knowledge to guide you through any issue quickly and as stress-free as possible!

chemicals3Enhance Your Experience

At Suntime we want you to enjoy your pool and the memories that come with having your own private getaway in your own backyard…that’s why we carry BioGuard’s Natural Clarifier, made of the natural ingredient, Chitosan, to keep your pool clear by binging together sediment and filtering it out of the water! Suntime also provides our customers with products like Skim Mor to help trap debris your skimmer misses, Pool Tonic to remove phosphates and other unwanted contaminants, Sparkle Up to improve filtration and Strip Kwik and Kleen It to remove dirt and debris from your filter and prolong the life of your filter media.

We also carry the very popular solar blanket alternative, Thermaswim Liquid Solar Cover, which reduces heat loss and evaporation and raises your pool water temperature overnight!

H2O Pros

Suntime’s pool and spa professionals have regular access to education and training to guarantee the best knowledge and expertise to cater to your pool and spa care needs.

Using state of the art computerized water analysis we test your pool and spa chemistry to make sure you are on the right track! We then provide our customers with personalized instructions for starting up, closing and regular maintenance to make sure you have a fun and care-free pool season!

Bring your water sample into our store in Lexington today and let us guide you to sparkling water!



Suntime Pools offers Hayward pumps and filters. We keep a variety of sizes and models in stock so that you are sure to find the highest quality filtration and circulation for your pool. Suntime also maintains a full inventory of parts for Hayward pumps and filters so that occasional repairs can be made with maximum efficiency.

We carry Hayward’s best-selling Super Pump and Pro-Series filters ideal for in-ground pools and the Power Flo pump and Pro-Series filters perfect for above ground pools.

Suntime Pools carries Zeolite filter media as an alternative to traditional sand. Zeolite provides a DE like clarity using all natural ingredients and filters better than the average pool sand.

Our pool service professionals are happy to assist you with installation of any of our pumps and filters upon request. We supply common parts and fittings needed for self-installation or normal wear and tear.




At Suntime, we can provide you with the best robotic cleaners available. We carry the Dolphin pool cleaners by Maytronics – the pioneers of automatic pool cleaners. Dolphin cleaners combine advanced technology with reliability so you can enjoy a clean pool with ease!

Dolphin cleaners are equipped with the best software on the market, programming the cleaner to your specific pool so that it never misses a spot! Swivel cables patented by Dolphin eliminate tangled cables that can cause issues in other automatic cleaners.

Schedule your cleanings with the push of a button! Your Dolphin can automatically clean every day, every other day or every third day, and it lets you know when it’s time to empty the filter so you are never left guessing!

The DX line is a Suntime favorite! Our best-selling Dolphin DX3 is lightweight, easy to use and cleans the floors and climbs the walls. The DX4 offers a remote control for touch-guided navigation and cycle options, will clean the floors and walls and even scrub the water line! Both cleaners come with mesh bag filters that are easy to empty.

The newest member to Suntime’s Dolphin family is the M400 cleaner which possesses all of the great features of the DX line with the addition of an advanced navigation system, ultra fine cartidge filters and triple action brushing.

All cleaners come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. As a Maytronics dealer, we are trained to fix most parts and issues without sending it to the factory.




Suntime Pools has access to a variety of heaters that will extend the comfort and length of your pool season. Use your pool at the perfect temperature even during Fall and Spring! Cool Spring and Summer nights cause a major drop in your water’s temperature…but with an efficient pool heater, you can keep your water comfortable all season long!

We recommend three major companies when shopping with us for your new pool heater.

1. Heat Siphon is considered the most efficient and cost effective type of pool heater on the market. Heat Siphon uses a titanium heat exchanger and offers several models to fit your pool size.

2. Raypak has been the world’s leading manufacturer of heaters in their industry for over 50 years – they carry several series of heat pumps and gas-fired heaters. Raypak gas-fired heaters include the Versa Gas line, 206A-406A line and the Low NOx line which are generally available in 2 different ignition styles: millivolt, or electronic.

3. Hayward has been manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide for over 80 years. Hayward has options for the environmentally responsible customer like their Universal H-Series.

At Suntime, we have the knowledge and experience to help guide you to finding and installing the perfect heater for your pool. Visit us today for more information and to get started on enjoying your pool all season long!